Power supply:
For output stage: Switching power supply for 1.2 KW

Technical data:
2 x 160 watts/8 ohms, 2 x 300 watts/4 ohms
Frequency access: 5 Hz to over 100,000 Hz (-1db)
Remote control

4x Stereo high level inputs Cinch
1x Stereo high level input XLR balanced
1x mono subwoofer output
1x connectors for a pair of stereo speakers

depth: 48,5cm
width: 46 cm
height: 21 cm
weight: 18 kg


Granite, wood and stainless steel reflect the inner values of our top model.  The high output power of over 300 watts into 4 ohms, a further increase in the quality of the components and the vibration-reduced  housing guarantee this hybrid amplifier to function with the highest reliability.
Be it large orchestras, atmospheric jazz clubs, open-air concerts or sophisticated studio recordings, the HPI-300  emulates  a nearly live concert experience .
No matter which type of music this amplifier excels in producing a crystal clear fidelity sound.

Signal voltage amplification with tubes

Producing a natural, lively sound image due to high dynamic range with very low distortion.

Balanced output stage

With complementary lateral MOSFETs: broadband, high current capability, lowest distortion.

Power supply

Elaborate power supply with voltage stabilizers for each amplifier stage - three stabilizers for the audio circuitry, separate independent power supply for the control functions. Individually adjustable power supply, specially designed for audio applications for the output stages.


high quality components, e.g. 1% and 0.1% precision resistors, highest quality film capacitors in the signal path, 105° electrolytic capacitors with high durability in the power supply, circuit boards with optimized conductor path.

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