Technical data:
Frequency response: 5 Hz (-3db) to 60,000 Hz
Harmonic distortion on 100 Vrms, 1 KHz: < 0,040 % THD

Maximum output voltage: 370 Vrms on 1 KHz and 1 % THD (Stax SR-007: 111 dB, Stax SR-L700/SR-009: 112 dB)

2x Stereo high level inputs Cinch
1x Stereo high level input XLR balanced
1x output 5 pole, Pro Bias
1x output 6 pole Normal Bias

depth: 34 cm
width: 38 cm
height: 14 cm

Cabinet with 10mm front in natural or black aluminium with oiled  wooden  side panels

For lovers of electrostatic headphones we have developed our lattest amplifier based on tubes. The almost perfect characteristics of the tube as a voltage amplifier make it the first choice for effortlessly providing high and low-distortion signal voltages. The tubes in this unit are supported by modern semiconductors in their outstanding characteristics  for natural music reproduction.

Signal voltage amplification with tubes

Responsible for a natural, lively sound image due to high output capability with very low distortion

Push-pull output stage

With EL84 power tubes, matched in a quartet, switched as a triode

Power supply

Complex power supply with voltage stabilization for each amplifier stage


High quality of all components, e.g. 1% and 0.1% precision resistors, top-quality film capacitors in the signal path, 105° electrolytic capacitors with long service life in the power supply, circuit boards with optimized conductor path.

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