About us

What motivates me is the love for good music, the unrestrained creativity and the ambition to come as close as possible to the original sound!

In the beginning there was music: early musical education from elementary school age, lessons in the Landesmusikschule, recorder and then flute, supplemented by theory lessons were an excellent school for the ear and have put the understanding and interest in music on a broad basis.

Making music alone and with friends and numerous visits to concerts were companions of the school and student days. The interest in amplifier electronics was awakened by chance by the discovery of an old tube catalogue - the audio circuits contained in it fascinated me by their simplicity and feasibility so much that it became a nice hobby at first and then, encouraged by well-sounding replicas of proven circuits, the profession I have now been pursuing for over 30 years. Training as a communications engineer and extensive self-study were the beginning of my professional career. The replicas of classic amplifiers were quickly followed by my own developments, and I dedicated 25 years to the construction of high-quality, modern and excellent sounding tube amplifiers.

After this long time with the electron tube, it was time for the next development step: to develop a universally applicable, future-proof amplifier, which offers the captivating sound characteristics of the tube, combined with the superior performance and lower energy consumption of semiconductor amplifiers. After a year of intensive development work, a series of hybrid amplifiers was created, which with their convincing sound characteristics immediately played themselves into the hearts of music lovers.


What still motivates me after many years in this industry is the love for good music, the unbridled creativity and the ambition to come as close as possible to the original sound! And because the love of tubes is a lifelong love, the Paltauf Audio range includes an exquisite tube amplifier for electrostatic headphones.


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Music comes first!

Listening to music, experiencing music and working with music are the joys of my working environment.

At the age of 12 I got in touch with a tube amplifier for the first time in a record shop (20 years later it turned out to be a Paltauf amplifier). It amazed me how easily the music went into my ear. Back home, the hi-fi system at home at that time was not even remotely capable of producing the same emotions. Since then I have been addicted to the world of good sound.

In addition to my studies in business administration, I started my own business in the sound reinforcement industry. My assignments range from small private parties, weddings and company celebrations (e.g. SSI Schäfer) to events for the Austrian radio stations (Ö3, Kronehit, Antenne Steiermark) and major events such as the Nova Rock Festival and the USI Festival (Europe's largest student festival with approx. 20,000 guests). Over the years I have worked with a wide variety of PA systems and have gained over 10 years of experience in sound design.

As co-owner and managing director of Paltauf Audio, I am primarily responsible for marketing and business management.

I am always thrilled to sit in front of a good audio system, enjoy the music and forget the daily routine.

Thomas Stiegler MSc.