Technical data:
Input for high output pickups, optional for low output systems with transformer

Max. Input voltage over 100mV/1Khz at High Output Systems

1x Chinch output
1x Chinch input


depth: 27 cm
width: 14,5 cm
height: 9,1 cm

External power supply unit
depth: 27 cm
width: 14,5 cm
height: 9,1 cm

Phono 100 plus external power supply with tube rectification results in Phono 200! The result is a refined playback quality due to the cleaner DC voltage of the vacuum diode and the separate placement of the mains transformer and the audio circuitry.

Signal voltage amplification with tubes and semiconductors

FET - tube cascode with active load for extremely high, linear dynamic range.

Passive RIAA Equalization

For vivid, natural music reproduction with high accuracy (resistors 0.1%, capacitors +/- 1%).

Class A output stage

With MOSFETs and active load: broadband, high current capability, lowest distortion.

Power supply

Complex power supply with voltage stabilization for all stages of the amplifier.


High quality of all components, e.g. 1% and 0.1% precision resistors, top-quality film capacitors in the signal path, 105° electrolytic capacitors with long service life in the power supply, circuit boards with optimized conductor path.

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