Technical data:
Max. Output voltage 70 Vpp
Frequency response: 5 Hz to over 100,000 Hz (-1dB)

2x Stereo high level inputs Cinch
1x Stereo high level input XLR balanced
1x output XLR 4 - pin1x output stereo jack 6,35mm

depth: 36 cm
width: 24 cm
height: 10 cm



Rousing dynamics, abundant power, enormous richness of detail, phenomenal three-dimensionality, physical representation of the music action - all these qualities are offered by our latest headphone amplifier for all headphones except electrostatic models. The HPA-100 is derived from our HPI-100, a hybrid amplifier that combines the best characteristics of the tube - clean, fast and dynamic signal processing combined with natural warm sound - with those of modern MOSFETs with their linear output characteristics and the capability of high current delivery.

Active volume control

Constant high sound quality independent of volume setting (common mechanical potentiometers change their  technical characteristics depending on the slider position.

Signal voltage amplification with tubes

Responsible for a natural, lively sound image due to high dynamic range with very low distortion.

Balanced output stage

With complementary lateral MOSFETs: very broadband, high current capability, lowest distortion.

Power supply

Elaborate power supply with voltage stabilizers for each amplifier stage - "three" stabilizers for the audio circuitry, own independent power supply for the control functions. Switching power supply, developed for audio applications, for the output stages. (Switching power supply for 400 Watt)


High quality of all components, e.g. 1% and 0.1% precision resistors, highest quality film capacitors in the signal path, 105° electrolytic capacitors with high durability in the power supply, circuit boards with optimized conductor path.

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