Paradise at the Arcotel

Even the picture of the room by Paltauf & Stiegler shows that something very special was going on here. Coustiq - the A-Team of acoustic room improvement - had worked for more than 1 day to create an oasis of neutrality and balance from a hotel room with an unfavourable sound. In this island of bliss, Paltauf has placed a new version 2 of its loudspeakers and redesigned the electronics, creating a sound that is simply the way it should be. Period. Deep and rich but never bloated in the bass. Pleasant in midrange and treble, yet every detail comprehensible, but NOT by means of arrow-pointed perforation of the cochlea, but golden like the Musikverein. Whether medieval fiddling, hammering disco fist by Boris Blank or extremes by Charli XCX, it simply fits. I would have loved to stay there from Friday morning to Sunday evening.

Author: Reinhard Haberfellner