It's a PALTAUF! by Stefan Sipl

Recently I bought a new tube headphone amplifier. I had a STAX tube amplifier for quite a lot of money, but it didn't get along with my new STAX 007Mk2 at all and was overtaxed in front and back. So I did some research and came across the products of "Tube Leonardo" Wolfgang Paltauf from Graz/Austria.

At the turn of the year the good part arrived freshly screwed together by Mr. Paltauf. Since then I have been under his spell. Never before has an audio product made me so addicted. Especially since I thought until this device that I was probably not a "headphone type" because I always liked my system better than any KH/KHV combination. This unit has now caught up with the wonderful RIKE AUDIO NATALIJA 2 phono preamplifier and I can simply enjoy both ways of listening to music. That's the way I have always wished for it.

The first two or three days I was still a bit reserved, because he plays rather neutral. Mr. Paltauf attaches great importance to faithful reproduction. The amplifier not only got better every day, it now really plays like a little goddess. Precisely without becoming analytical (which I don't like), with a very contoured, dry bass. It hits the notes and it's a real delight to listen to. And the voices... !

I also find him visually very well done. Only the best ingredients are used inside. This is noticeable every day anew when listening to it.