With our blog we would like to bring you closer to the wonderful world of good sound. We will give you tips from our 30 years of experience and of course we will also talk about our products.


Who is actually behind Paltauf Audio?

Behind Paltauf Audio are the two owners Wolfgang Paltauf and Thomas Stiegler, who share the management of the company, as well as Günther Paltauf, son of Wolfang, who develops the Paltauf Audio loudspeakers.


Wolfgang Paltauf has been developing and building High-End audio amplifiers for 30 years, always on the lookout for the technically possible and for new innovations to improve the sound.


Thomas Stiegler has been working in the sound reinforcement industry for 20 years and has worked over the years with well-known brands from the concert sound reinforcement and studio technology sectors. His experience from live events and studio recordings has been beneficial to the development of Paltauf Audio's equipment.